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Have you ever craved you owned that product you saw at music concert, at friend’s party or in any movie? At nexus leather we’re about you and everything you love. The enthusiasm you show and share with your team and the excitement you have for your event is everything we care about. We believe that customized products do more than just make you look good.

We would love to see our customers being praised by others for their classic looks and for their ideal products they wear, like jackets and belts or they carry like handbags, cross body, travel and laptop bags. The choices are endless! Your personalized product will make you look good anyhow, anywhere whether you are wearing or carrying it.

Although you have the option of shopping from our existing range of jackets, bags, wallets and belts, you also have the golden opportunity to customize any of your product that fits your personality.

Our team will always be there for you to entertain you for all of your queries regarding the materials, colors, designs and they will be excited to help you through this process.

For every custom order, we go through the process of consultation, making distinctive patterns, taking exact measurements, offering widest fabric selection available and giving limitless customization options.

  • Begin your journey with a request through our web form.
  • Get a dedicated design consultant to work on your project details, delivery date and pricing. Consultancy is totally free of cost and you can opt out at any stage.
  • Provide us with an image of the product you want to customize and you can also explain the changes you want in that product.
  • Place your order using the given link.
  • See your design come to your doorstep through our process.